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Thomas McInerney Architect provides professional architectural design services for clients which manage, maintain, and plan for residential, commercial, and industrial type buildings.

Thomas McInerney Architect is a full-service architectural design firm. Services may include:

  • design and feasibility studies,
  • planning and zoning services,
  • building code review and recommendations,
  • building plans and specification production,
  • construction administration,
  • building forensic investigation.

Mission Statement:

Provide clients across Iowa with architectural design services for all types of buildings, from conceptual planning through project completion.

Our approach to ensure project continuity, value and quality:

The responsibilities and performance of each participant affect overall project quality. The success of a project depends upon all participants being committed to a team approach for meeting the requirements. Thomas McInerney Architect provides an environment of team-building by setting the ground rules for communication.

The most effective teams, may they be aware of it or not, pledge to work to resolve problems without conflict. Such a pledge increases the opportunity for innovation through open communication and the element of trust, especially in development of value analysis changes and improvements.

This increased opportunity for a financially successful project is due to a non-adversarial win-win attitude.